Helping you navigate the world of Web3, to better educate and engage with your community.

SerMorpheus is a Web3 Brand-Retailer enabler platform. We aim to be a No-Code Web3 platform where brands/ creators could create NFTs and manage its utilities to connect and engage with their customers/ communities directly.



Mencuri Raden Saleh Fan Token

Fan Token is a form of token that can help fans get closer to their idols through programs and benefits that have been prepared as well as a form of support and appreciation for their idols. Fan Tokens that are limited in number or limited edition are equipped with token ids which are unique markers of each Fan Token so that they can become memorabilia/collection items.


Through the NFT smart contract technology in collaboration with SerMorpheus, each Fan Token owner will be registered and verified so that they can access various programs or exclusive benefits from Stealing Raden Saleh.

Indonesia Comic Con 2022

The first NFT collection in Indonesia Comic Con’s history! There’ll be 3 categories, Regular Tickets, VIP Cosplayer, and Super VIP. The Rare ones in each category will get different kinds of benefits & privileges at Indonesia Comic Con ’22.

This NFT Collectibles that also act as an Event Ticket for Indonesia Comic Con 2022 on 01-02 October 2022. The NFT comes with different extra benefits, including Premium 2-Days Ticket Access, VIP Lounge, VIP Seat on Stage Area, Exclusive Merchandise and Goodie Bag and also Meet and Greet with All Actress/Actor.

The 45th Jazz Goes to Campus

Jazz Goes to Campus is the oldest and most celebrated international jazz festival held annually in Universitas Indonesia since 1976. On this 45th edition of JGTC, we will bring the unique experiences of “Where the Jazzphoria Sets!”
Jazzy Cats by The 45th Jazz Goes to Campus is an NFT Collectible that also act as an Event Ticket for the JGTC 45 Festival on November 13, 2022. Every NFT will have a unique design and comes with different extra benefits.

Persita NFT Collection 2022/2023

Persita NFT Collection 2022/2023 is the first official NFT collection launched by Persita Tangerang with SerMorpheus. Each NFT will describe Persita moments or players and have different levels of rarity and benefits.


This NFT collection has 3 rarity levels ranging from Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare. People who have Ultra Rare will get benefits that will get access to Persita practice 2 times, Free VIP tickets for 3 home matches of Persita League 1 competition, Free collection of the latest Persita shirts 2 pieces, 5% discount and free shipping a maximum of IDR 15.000,00 by purchasing via WhatsApp Persita Store.

Jogjarockarta Festival 2022

Jogjarockarta is the biggest rock music festival in Indonesia. Jogjarockarta Festival’s annualy held in Yogyakarta ever since 2017. This music rock festival also provides collaboration platform for visual and performing artist, with a hope that Jogjarockarta Festival will be able to spread a message about unity and diversity. 

This year, Jogjarockarta proudly announce about the NFT Project that have a purpose not only for collecting but also give specific utilities for concert rock lovers to be a part of the community. Each grade of NFT’s will consist of limited utility such as life time access to Jogjarockarta Concert & Backstage Passes for 2022 series.

Bedah Kampus UI 2022

BKUI22 is here to provide information and experiences about universities, faculties, majors, as well as University of Indonesia campus life which is devoted to the Bachelor and Vocational levels with hybrid event innovations and the use of NFT Tickets.
The benefit provided by this NFT is explanation session about University of Indonesia, campus tour and explanation session about faculties & majors.

Frequently Ask Questions

Web3 is a blockchain-based platform that enables brands to create and manage digital assets. It provides a secure, decentralized, and user-friendly way for brands to interact with customers and manage their data. Web3 also allows brands to create and manage smart contracts, which can be used to automate business processes and transactions.

Digital asset is a new way for brands to connect with customers and create more engaging and interactive experiences. For example, a digital asset could be used to access exclusive content, participate in contests, or receive discounts. By using web3, brands can create a more immersive and interactive experience for their customers.

Utilities can be added to digital assets in a number of ways, depending on the asset and the brand. For example, a brand might add utility to an image by providing a link to a website where viewers can learn more about the product or service. Or, a brand might add utility to a video by including a call to action at the end, such as a link to a landing page where viewers can sign up for a free trial. By adding utility to digital assets, brands can make them more valuable and engaging for audiences.

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To educate and engage potential brands, creators and consumers to be the champion of Web3

We believe that entering the world of Web3 would enable brands to expand their brands value through fresh and unique shopping experiences.

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Helping you navigate the world of Web3, to better educate and engage with your community.

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